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General FAQ


What is MRM
MRM is an online platform that brings buyers and sellers of fit-for-purpose, re purposed medical aid equipment and assistive technologies.

How do I register as a buyer and/or seller on MRM?
MRM has informative YouTube videos to guide both buyers and sellers to register on MRM. If you have any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team through

Should I take out insurance cover on the equipment when I purchase from a seller on MRM?
MRM encourages purchasers to insure their mobility equipment for theft, loss or damage. For your convenience, we have listed a number of mobility equipment insurers under the Insurance Tab on the MRM Homepage.

Am I able to get funding to purchase equipment off MRM?
Yes, there are a number of financiers who are experienced in providing funding for specialist mobility equipment. There are also several State and Commonwealth Government Schemes with set eligibility requirements that also may be an option for you to explore further.

For further information on finance options and Government Schemes go to the Finance Tab on the MRM Homepage.

Will NDIS fund equipment available on MRM?
Yes, NDIS will fund equipment that is fit-for-purpose and that is prescribed by an authorised health professional.

Pricings and Costs to sell items on MRM

How much does it cost to sell on MRM?
To list an item on MRM is FREE!
MRM charges a 10% Commission on the Total Value Fee (TVF). The Total Value Fee is totalled amount of the purchase price and shipping costs (Purchase Price + Shipping Costs = TVF).

Cleaning & Repair

Are there hygiene issues when buying previously used medical aid equipment?
Yes. All contact surfaces of medical aid equipment are considered to harbour colonies of bacteria and viruses. We provide you with step by step guides on how to clean equipment and if you wish to contract professional services to undertake this task, you will find links to Repair and Cleaning Agents across Australia under our MRM Repair Agent tab for your convenience.
Does all equipment have to been cleaned to Australian Standards prior to listing on MRM?
MRM takes the issue of infection control hazards very seriously. It is a MANDATORY REQUIREMENT that equipment is cleaned to Australian Standards prior listing on MRM.
Find more information on Infection Control under the Quality Tab on the MRM Homepage.

Where do I get my equipment cleaned and ready for sale?
MRM provides a comprehensive list of Repair Agents across Australia. Refer to the Repair Agent tab on the MRM Homepage.

Can I clean the equipment myself to save money?
Yes, all equipment must be cleaned to Australian Standards of Infection Control.  Links to State & Federal Government Health websites are also provided for your convenience to access.

Can I sell equipment that does not work?
No. All equipment that is eligible to be sold on MRM must be fit-for-purpose. Any equipment that has a motorised component to it must have a Repair Agent Certificate of service.

Making the right choice on equipment suitability

Do I need to get an Allied Health Professional to help me buy my equipment?
MRM strongly recommends that you consider advice from your relevant health professional in guiding your assistive technology choices. Equipment type and sizing is to manufacturer’s specifications and Australian Standards, however, often equipment requires fitting and modifications (even when purchased new) to meet the individual needs of the user. ALL equipment requirements should be advised by a relevant health professional.

Assistive Technology Australia has developed some great information pieces on buying second hand mobility aid equipment.  MRM encourages you to read these guides in conjunction with seeking advice from your allied health professional to assist you in your online purchases of your aid equipment.  Want to know more about Assistive Technology Australia go to:


2nd hand equipment (PDF)

2nd hand equipment  for disabilities (PDF)

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