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About Us

MRM is an online store to resell fit-for-purpose mobility aids and personal care equipment.
MRM will provide a compelling world-class experience for Australians, bringing together buyers and sellers to a marketplace that specialises in fit-for-purpose medical aids and equipment.
We strive to provide an easy-to-use and trustworthy service for the buying and selling experience of this much needed equipment.

MRM takes very seriously the responsibility of ensuring that MRM buyers and sellers have access to the latest information on how to prevent bacteria or viral transmission on contact surfaces. Refer to our Quality Control tab for further information.

MRM promotes independence and dignity to those who are living differently. MRM provides a secure online platform to connect buyers and sellers of assistive technology and medical aid equipment.

MRM provides environmental solutions through providing an online platform to resell medical aid equipment. MRM provides the option to SELL ... not dump in landfills across Australia.

MRM provides sellers the opportunity to turn no longer required equipment into money back into your pocket. MRM also allows for more affordable equipment to those who need it most. MRM hopes to reduce Governments expenditure in subsidising fit-for-purpose equipment at a cheaper price.

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